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Discover the future of single cell robotics

compact desktop device prototype

We've created the Compact Device for an even smoother user experience. Thanks to its smaller footprint, the precision of the Piezo Head and being fully automated, it can be a great addition to any laboratory.

small footprint device

Compact design

Smaller footprint for a better organized working space

high speed imaging

High speed imaging


Typical scanning speed is 100 - 1,000 cells/second, cell picking speed is 3-4 single cells/min. When collecting multiple cells, the sorting speed is 1 cell/second

targeting single cells precisely

Unprecedented Precision

Excellent liquid handling precision: 0.1 nanoliter, with an Outstanding >90% single cell isolation efficiency

Main Applications

Single Cell Transcriptomics

Analyze gene expression level of individual cells.  Explore messenger RNA (mRNA) concentration of hundreds to thousands of genes. Unravel heterogeneous cell populations, reconstruct cellular developmental trajectories, and model transcriptional dynamics.

Single Cell DNA Sequencing

Unlock the full potential of cloning, in vitro mutagenesis, protein engineering, and more with the precision of the Desktop Device.

Rare Cell Detection

Use the Desktop Device to detect and isolate circulating tumor cell (CTC) for sequencing or for the detection and analysis of circulating fetal cell for the advancing of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

Spatial Omics

Explore cellular heterogeneity in tissues including cancer using high speed, high sensitivity imaging.

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