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Highly modular setup enabling a wide range of modalities, including super resolution microscopy and high content screening. Sequence exactly that cell you need.  

Main Features


  • High throughput single cell sorting directly from the Petri dish

  • One single cell arrives to each PCR tube

  • 10 PCR strips containing 80 tubes can be filled in a cycle

  • Glass cover slip for testing single cell deposition in situ

  • Drop volume less than 1 ul for adherent cells

  • Pick up volume of ~1 nl for suspended cells

  • 15-20 seconds per cell

  • Isolates a subpopulation of live adherent cells expressing fluorescent or luminescent markers

  • Both unlabeled and fluorescentcells are recognized by computer vision

  • Viable cells after sorting

  • Sorts cells labeled by fluorescent molecular probes highlighting specific cellular activities

  • Collects single cells for further cultivation, cloning, RNA or protein preparation

  • Any adherent and non-adherent cell type can be sorted

  • Cell culture needs minimal preparation before sorting

  • Average sorting process takes only a few minutes

  • Multichannel detection using the fluorescent filter setup of the microscope

  • When collecting multiple cells sorting speed is 1 cell/second. Number of cells picked up in a single run: 1-1000

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