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Bring Adhesion Force Measurement to the Next Level

adhesion force measurement protocol with the CellSorter instrument

1) Cell culture in a Petri dish or multiwell plate is scanned on a microscope to gain a large mosaic image. 2) Images are analyzed by software to recognize target cells. 3) Selected cells are probed by the micropipette to measure their adhesion force mediated by specific adhesion molecules on functionalized surfaces. 4) Distribution of adhesion force of the cell population. Cells remain intact after the measurement and thus can be used for further analysis, such as DNA/RNA/protein investigations or cloning.

The Valve Control Technology can be utilized for cell adhesion measurement.  Thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly software and developed protocols, you’ll be able easily able to execute single cell adhesion force measurements.

precise single cell targeting

Unprecedented Precision

Excellent liquid handling precision: 0.1 nanoliter, with an Outstanding >90% single cell isolation efficiency

high quality imaging

High Quality Imaging


Both unlabeled and fluorescent cells can be imaged by high resolution objectives. Sort cells labeled by fluorescent markers or having the desired morphology using computer vision

adjustable runs

Adjustable Runs


The number of cells picked in a single run can range from 1 to 1,000

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