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Extension Device -Valve Control

Attach the Valve Control Device to your inverted microscope. Contact us for more information and compatibility!

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Viable Cells


One single cell arrives to each PCR tube still viable after the sorting process

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Adjustable Runs


The number of cells picked in a single run can range from 1 to 1,000

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High Speed Imaging


Typical scanning speed is 100 - 1,000 cells/second enabling high-content screening


High Quality Imaging


Both unlabeled and fluorescent cells are recognized by computer vision. Sort cells labeled by fluorescent probes or markers

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Highly Modular


Numerous options for a personalized experience and a better fit

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Software Included


We provide a user-friendly software with intuitive interface for all our instruments including free software updates

  • Microscope -  Can be almost any inverted microscope. We recommend Zeiss,Nikon Olympus.

  • Camera - Including Andor, PCO, Flir and Hamamatsu

  • Motorized stage - There are several choices depending on size and speed including Prior and Märzhäuser.

  • Light source - We recommend Prior Lumen 200s for standard use and Lumencor Spectra.

  • Objective lens - Our standard equipment comes with a 10x lens, higher magnifications are also possible.

  • Levels of motorization - There is an option for additional Filter turret and Objective Changer (nosepiece).

  • Sample Holder - 35 mm Petri dish, Microscope slide, Chamber slides, Standard multi-well plate (ie.: 96 well-plate).

  • Container for Single Cell Deposition - PCR tubes/strips, PCR plates, Mutli-well plates.

  • Brightfield or phase contrast illumination: Standard transmitted light source of the microscope.

Modular options:​

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