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Extension Device -Valve Control

Attach the Valve Control Device to your inverted microscope. Contact us for more information and compatibility!

viable intact cells

Viable Cells


One single cell arrives to each PCR tube still viable after the sorting process

flexible instrument

Adjustable Runs


The number of cells picked in a single run can range from 1 to 1,000

high speed high-throughput imaging

High Speed Imaging


Typical scanning speed is 100 - 1,000 cells/second enabling high-content screening

precise targeting of single cells

High Quality Imaging


Both unlabeled and fluorescent cells are recognized by computer vision. Sort cells labeled by fluorescent probes or markers

modular upgradable options

Highly Modular


Numerous options for a personalized experience and a better fit

control software for the microscope

Software Included


We provide a user-friendly software with intuitive interface for all our instruments including free software updates

  • Microscope -  Can be almost any inverted microscope. We recommend Zeiss,Nikon Olympus.

  • Camera - Including Andor, PCO, Flir and Hamamatsu

  • Motorized stage - There are several choices depending on size and speed including Prior and Märzhäuser.

  • Light source - We recommend Prior Lumen 200s for standard use and Lumencor Spectra.

  • Objective lens - Our standard equipment comes with a 10x lens, higher magnifications are also possible.

  • Levels of motorization - There is an option for additional Filter turret and Objective Changer (nosepiece).

  • Sample Holder - 35 mm Petri dish, Microscope slide, Chamber slides, Standard multi-well plate (ie.: 96 well-plate).

  • Container for Single Cell Deposition - PCR tubes/strips, PCR plates, Mutli-well plates.

  • Brightfield or phase contrast illumination: Standard transmitted light source of the microscope.

Modular options:​

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